"You should always try new things and challenge yourself. The fun part about your style and your look is that you can change it, it’s like an on going art project. Own your look. Love your style. Make a statement. There are a million ways to be brave."

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Taylor Swift CDs.

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thatguyswiftie13[Taylor] came out and I was screaming that I loved her and if I could get a picture with her and she was like “of course come over!” And then she hugged me and I was shaking so badly so she was like “do you want a selfie?” And I was like “yeah” but I was shaking so badly so she was like “here let me take that” and so she took the phone and took a picture and then she was like “haha I have long arms.”

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Taylor Swift - New behind the scenes for KEDS

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my top five favorite moments of the red era 

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Taylor Swift arrives in Japan

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